I find it more than a little telling that a recent overview of the 10 most popular UWP programs included Dropbox, eBay and Facebook Messenger. If those are full-featured applications, I’ve been doing computing all wrong for the last 40 years. New security features and limits on what you can load and customize promise to make Microsoft Windows 10 S the more secure version ever. But if I can live without those I suppose it makes more sense to stay in S mode for now.

This is the same technology used in the recently launched Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. Both DirectStorage and AutoHDR will be supported on Windows 10 as well, though. Windows 11 benefits from some new gaming-centric features, including Auto HDR, DirectStorage, and a more integrated Xbox app. Microsoft showed us a quick preview of this at the Windows 11 launch event by opening the TikTok app on a Windows 11 PC. There’s no fixed date for when this functionality will be ready for use, but it will come with a future update. The apps currently available in the store are Progressive Web Apps as well as Legacy Win32 and UWP apps.

Unable to access NAS drive when logged in using PIN to AzureAD account

However, the latter requires at least 8GB of RAM and an SSD – that’s stricter than Windows 11 itself. Notwithstanding its limitations, Windows 10 S Mode still offers File Explorer. If Windows gets revamped, software developers might want to bring their software to the operating system to capitalize on renewed public attention. The company could benefit by getting more hot properties into its app store for Windows. If people spend more time in the store, they might also spend more money in the store. Shipping new versions of big products such as Windows has in the past led to increases in Microsoft’s revenue growth rate, the company has said.

  • A tweet from the Windows Insider team said that when they released the build “we unintentionally released it as encrypted”.
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  • But to date, Microsoft has been careful not to actually offer the update to unsupported PCs, requiring a manual upgrade or a clean install rather than allowing straightforward upgrade installs.
  • Testers can give feedback on the builds that goes directly to Microsoft’s engineers working on the project.

Especially notebooks with an AMD processor in the core should not be updated for now, because there are still problems. This mainly concerns games, but some applications can also run slower under Windows 11, as AMD itself warns. The image itself reports a file date of September 13, 2021, which is probably the release-to-manufacturing date because Microsoft even delivered hardware with Windows 11 on time with the Surface Go 3. If you want to annoy other notebook users, you can change the Power Plan, which blocks the system settings.

So, it is only fitting for anyone to want to learn how to leave Windows 10’s S Mode. Another key thing to remember is that in S Mode, you won’t be able to access various developer tools. So, you will not be able to run commands on Bash or PowerShell. Moreover, when you try to run prohibited software, you will be notified that you are only allowed to acquire applications from the Store. You should know that once you opt out of S Mode, the change is irreversible. You have the freedom to do this anytime, but you can never switch your computer back to this mode.

effortless ways to uninstall apps in Windows 10 or Windows 11

You issue a command in this tool, and the tool gets rid of the specified app from your computer. When your programs list appears, select the problematic program and choose Next. If you don’t see your program listed here, select Not Listed at the top.


For many of us who have a computer at home as well as one we use at the office, having https://driversol.com/dll/quickfontcache_dll a different operating system on the two machines can be confusing. The two items that trip me up going back and forth between Windows 11 and Windows 10 are the centered Start menu and the taskbar. With Windows 10’s menu being on the left-hand side of the screen and Windows 11 widgets now being on the left, I find myself clicking on the widget menu when I want to shut down the Windows 11 computer.

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