The Barbara B. Cantrell Classroom Support Fund


The “Bobbie Fund” is established in honor and memory of Barbara, “Bobbie,” B. Cantrell, longtime administrator of our loan program, who acted as a guide and adviser to many generations of loan recipients through her wise counsel and great heart. Its purpose is to provide classroom supplies up to $500 in value to recent Strong Scholars specifically to enhance learning in their classrooms.

Eligibility and Process

Strong Scholarship recipients are eligible for the Bobbie Fund for three of the first five years of their teaching career but initial funding must be requested within three years of certification. Funding is limited and applications will be approved on a first come, first served basis between September 1 and January 15th. Applications must include a completed Bobbie Fund Support Request and independent verification of employment as a full-time teacher under contract for the upcoming school year (email acceptable).

Upon notification of support, each recipient shall select items electronically from corporate venders including but not limited to Amazon, Target or Walmart and provide those venders with a shipping address for direct delivery. A link to the “cart” or “wish list” from that vendor shall then be forwarded to the Foundation for review and purchase. The Foundation will process no more than two such orders per grant awarded.

Guidelines for Purchases

Examples of items that would meet the criteria include: writing tools, paper, books, Kleenex, fans, or anything else that provides an optimal learning environment for students of all ages and abilities. Electronics will not be approved unless they are provided to every student (cheap calculators might be approved but laptops or notepads would not).

Questions may be directed to: [email protected]